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How to brush our teeth properly

How to brush our teeth properly Brushing our teeth is the best method of oral hygiene, it prevents plaque from the teeth and protects us from problems of tooth decay or gum .Therefore, thanks to the toothbrush, we can maintain good oral hygiene . Thus, brushing your teeth is

How to treat styes

How to treat styes  The first thing you should know is that a stye is an inflammation of a gland at the base of the lashes, so  it is not a serious condition, but it can become quite painful and annoying.  commonly the cause of this

The Most Fattening Foods

The Most Fattening Foods 1 Refreshments Soft drinks are delicious but actually girls, they are the enemy. They have a lot of added sugars and corn syrups that add unnecessary calories. Whether it’s light, remember that calories is not all that makes us fat, but the sugar

Home remedies for boils

Home remedies for boils Boils are skin problems that occur when infected hair follicles , these injuries are not serious, but they are quite painful, and presented with severe irritation around the affected part. Such injuries are very common and can be occur anywhere on the

6 Healing benefits of honey

6 Healing benefits of honey The dangers of sugar have been so widely publicized that many people mistakenly think that eating something “sweet” equals bad for the body.While refined sugar can actually be harmful to health, nature provides a wonderfully delicious variety of natural sugars found in