errors committed by men when sex

Let’s talk openly. The truth is that women love to have sex almost as much or more than the men . Yes, as long as our sexual partner do well and make us fully enjoy. Unfortunately this is something that happens so often with male gender, because although many of the men are considered the best in bed, the last word we always have and most do poorly with this.

Today we talk about sex more openly with our partner and our friends, so it is normal to hear a man tells his colleague how well you do and what “expert” who is in the field. Meanwhile, it is possible that the woman is left unfulfilled, and the truth seldom his man will hear, and we tend to be very discrete and somewhat “friendly” to not make them feel bad.

Communication plays a very important role to reveal tastes, fantasies and desires to have relations. However, at this point many times couplesfail, due to a series of myths, cultural models and errors, they will believe him to man who does very well, when in fact your partner is not feeling anything, is being unsatisfied and not enjoying the pleasure of enjoying the full sexuality. For those men who are confident they do “excellent” and they are the best in bed then mentioned the most common mistakes when male sex.

Please cherish good or better not do

The clitoris is much more complicated than the penis, but certainly that is one of our greatest weaknesses when we have sex. Men are slightly more sensitive to touch our clitoris, it is a very sensitive part you should know stimulating. Most of you are usually quite abrupt and attacked wanting to play , without knowing that this only us “blocked” pleasure you are supposed to feel.

Learn to play with our hearts

Most love playing with breasts and is one of the parts that excite us.However, there are those who play with extreme suddenness, as if they were balls, or I know; again blocking what we want to feel. It is true that passion drives us crazy and that … but please be a little more delicate.

Eye: the amount is not important

This is another of the great mistakes of men, since most great quantity rather than quality, so they tend to relate the ability to have more than oneorgasm with youth and virility. There is no doubt that men are competitive in every way, especially if we talk about intimate relationships, therefore it is common to see each boast their own records. For them the number is very important because it can be measured and compared, making them feel superior. However, what we know is that it is much more important for women quality encounter.

Not devote sufficient time to the preliminary

Dear men: not all pleasure is due to penetration , so do not expect us to feel grateful if only they spend on those. We have a full body weak spots to explore, so I can assure you that if you have not explored, have never left your partner satisfied.

There are past their “azotitos”

A scourge at the height of passion is not bad and even we can excite much.But give us spank after spank as taking it out on our back , it’s something that crosses the line and stopped being good.

Quietly do richest

If we are in plan romance, no spare a love you, I love you or any one tender word. However, as we left almost always driven by unbridled passion and wildest relationships, avoid opening the mouth if to say things like Do You Like? Did you do well? … Pfff, this short we roll and we really bored. Stop worrying that if we do not like, surely they will know.

Our ears can not eat

How can it be erotic to have the ear filled with drool? True, the ear for many can be a very sensitive point, but please … do not pass, a light caress with tongue enough, I do not think anyone enjoys it practically you eat the ear and let drooled.

Do not suck our big toe

Please what kind of weird fetishes are those! Most of us do not enjoy that, indeed, it is not normal. There is nothing more disgusting than the feet , therefore discard such strange things.

And you, do you have a point which add to this list?