How very good sex can help you lose weight?

How often grueling hours spent locked up sweating in a gym, with strict diets and counting calories to eliminate those pesky pounds more? You’d be surprised to know that the solution to remove those pesky love handles is much closer than you thought!

Here, we reveal two reasons for you to discover how good sexual routine can be your best ally when look and feel great . Hands!

Overrides anxiety

Who has never felt that to relieve anxiety had to resort to chocolates and sknacks? These foods are rich in trans fats and cholesterol, release endorphins, a substance produced by our brain that we calm the stressand makes us feel good. However, this type of food not only threatens our body aesthetic level, if not in large quantities is completely detrimental to our health.

Few know that a good sex session not only connects you to your partner to a more intimate level, but also generates the same endorphins that a chocolate bar or a treat. This way, your heart races, pulse too, and soon you feel relaxed and happy … And all this, no need to consume more calories!

Burn calories and tone muscles

What is more fun? ¿20 minutes in the bicycle fixed, or 20 minutes of passionate love with your partner?

If you choose the second option, you have to have sex not only stronglyreactive your nervous system and improves your ability autoimmunebut also burn 1400 calories every 20 minutes. In addition, certain sexual positions involve a resistance to the muscles, which translates directly into a toning them.H

That this information help you to mitigate the guilt if you went to eat at a fast food restaurant! Just 20 minutes of love … And nothing has happened here!


It ends with the myth that involves eating a celebration!

It is very common when celebrating an anniversary or celebrate something, organize a dinner with your partner or go to a restaurant. Thus, we always tend to link the concepts of “party” and “food” as an inseparable duo. Why not try the next time you want to celebrate something, plan an unforgettable moment with your partner? Leave nothing to chance: he thinks the meeting like the celebration itself.

Think about the clothes you are going to use, how would the atmosphere, the music you’d want to hear, that you would have existed atmosphere . It’s your time to test the other two tips we reveal to you before about sex: burns calories, tones your muscles and relieves you of the stress. So think: the next time you want to celebrate something, remember that dessert you.

With this information you just revealed, you have no excuse not to plan a romantic encounter with your partner. Not only disconnects you from the stress of daily routine, but also makes you feel happier, less anxious and more toned … while you spend a moment of glory with your partner.Besides, it’s free! Perhaps could be better?