Make money online in nigeria


Can you imagine that every time you did a purchase via the Internet, you returned a percentage of the bill? Well that’s exactly what they do all three platforms that will introduce. The Cashback lands in Spain.

GEENAPP. There are many companies that are willing to pay to get their apps facilities. Geenapp has grouped all these applications for anyone to exercise “recommender” even creating their own app store. If you are capable of generating facilities through social networks, domains that you own or forums in which you participate, you’ll get you a few euros each month.

BERUBY. They offer the opportunity to buy in more than 500 stores and receive a refund directly into your checking or Paypal account. Easy as that, every time you go to purchase an item online, sign in to Beruby and check to see if you can take a commission for your purchase.

In addition, BERUBY introduces the model cashback for travel: book your getaway travel agencies attached to the platform and you get in return, an extra benefit. Atrápalo , Viajes El Corte Inglés or Barceló are some of the companies you’ll find Beruby.

LYONESS. With this platform will have free and without obligation advantages in many stores and online shops. For every purchase you make will receive Cashback , which goes directly to your account, and Shopping Points , you will report offers and exclusive discounts.

MYG21. How many times have recommended you to a friend Offer Glide, Lets Bonus or Atrápalo? Then watch because with MyG21, every time a friend of yours acquire an item your advice to him in any associated platform, you’ll get a commission. Likewise, if you make a purchase in stores and online shops attached, also will carry you a percentage of the sale.


For any business or organization the opinions of consumers are vital and therefore charge market studies specialized platforms . You, as a consumer or user, have an opinion that they can be useful and, therefore, if provide it, get a financial reward .

We present three portals where you can register with confidence: they are free, your personal details will not be sold to third parties will not have to give bank details since payments are made ​​via Paypal and do not commit to anything, you can give unsubscribe at any time . All you need is internet access and email account. Once you’ve filled in your profile, you will start receiving surveys, answer and generate extra income.

GLOBAL TEST MARKET . This platform paid surveys is powered by Global Market Insite , a global provider of market research.

MY SURVEY . This consumer panel belongs to the company Lightspeed Research and its most coveted awards are vouchers PayPal and IKEA .

VIEW CENTER. This portal online market research, unlike previous ones, accepts only members residing in Spain.


Sure you have some skill: you know how to design web pages, you sew terrific, you have a few notes magnificent physical, you are bilingual and translate text to perfection … Do not be silly and make the most of your knowledge.

Mydocs. These notes History of Spain that caused so many headaches you can now give you a little joy. Get them mydocs, make them a price and someone in need will download and recompesará your effort. Do the same with all useful documents that you have at home and benefit from your work. Yes, they have to be 100% yours, no uploading files written by others.

Fiverr. Surely you’ve ever thought, “With how easy it should be this computer program and what it is costing me understand”. With Fiverr for $ 5 (4.41 euros), you can hire an expert to resolve your doubts. Likewise, if you are a specialist in any field, you can offer your services and get one extra cash.

. GENIUZZ Upload a notice describing the service you can: English classes by Skype, writing articles, translations … If anyone is interested, you will receive an ‘email’ to get in touch with that person and start talking to her through chat available on the platform. There is no space limit, Geniuzz is open to the world.