online businesses fail

UP to now  you start reviewing the different reasons why businesses fail online is important to understand that these businesses are not very different from a physical or tangible business is commonly found on the street, like a restaurant, a clothing store , a hairdresser, or any other independent business.

Reasons fails an online business

I could go on with a long list of reasons not operate an Internet business, but yes, are the same reasons why 90% of traditional businesses go bankrupt in no time. But then I will mention the most common to avoid them if you want to succeed with your project from home.

because businesses fail online

  • Lack of knowledge of the market: Many entrepreneurs fail, by not conducting a market study prior, and possibly the product or service to promote not be searched by users on the Internet or otherwise seek it much but for free.
  • Underestimating the ongoing training: Just like a physical business is important to stay current on market trends and trained to keep up with the competition. This requires continuous investment in seminars, workshops and expert advisors in the subject.
  • Lack of working capital: Although online businesses do not require much investment and save costs in terms of maintenance, Si require a capital outlay as advertising on the network and service maintenance. That’s why the biggest reason why online businesses fail is because usually the person wants to do everything for free, so take long, leading it to demotivation and drop the project.
  • Lack of perseverance and motivation: A business like a physical, virtual businesses also carry a good time to show results. You can not expect to have good results overnight.And any business that promises thousands of dollars in a few days, is a complete lie.While it is true that you can make money, the amount usually depends on your effort and time devoted to your business. Should be sown much, and over time will begin to reap the rewards of hard work but worth the wait.
  • No online experience: The person who has never worked in Internet, thinks it’s easy and it is a magic formula for getting rich from the overnight without doing anything. But this statement is far from reality, leading the person to disappointment, failure and the death of the project.
  • Believe that you can do everything alone: ​​Some people fail because they think that to succeed, just enough to buy a course or upload your website and magically going to start having sales. Do not have a structured business plan with goals and objectives and easily end up failing.
  • Take the business as a salvation from bankruptcy: Many people who are desperate for money because of any particular financial situation, take their business online as a quick solution to their problem. Worse still use the first profits to supplant basic expenses, bringing his business to bankruptcy.
  • Forgetting that there is competition: More and more people are starting Internet businesses, and so the best service offered is a mistake to think that the single market, hence the importance of always having a marketing strategy is, otherwise as competition taking their end customers.

But because some if successful and make money online

The answer is simple, they are people who have a business plan, constantly trained and invest capital into your business.Furthermore spent many years in the process of undertaking and mostly they have been faced with failure, but always get back up and continue persevering.

 Every failure teaches a man something he needed to learn. Charles Dickens

Finally after reviewing the reasons why businesses fail online, I invite you to do the following questions:

Want a real online business or are just looking for a hobby?
Does the time, discipline, patience and perseverance that requires an online business?
Are you willing to invest in training for your business?
Do you have the winning activity and the motivation?

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