In the world of Internet business increased competitive advantage you can have on others, it is knowledge . While it’s impossible to keep up with all the current global issues, if lifelong learning is important or self-training in the specific area where you unfolds.

Traditional education
Traditional education or formal education is very important, but note that this only gives you the fundamentals of the least you should know . For example if you want to be a good lawyer, not enough just to graduation, but must continue studying the changes made ​​to the laws throughout the exercise of his profession.

Self-trainingTo be successful in business and gain financial freedom is no different as it also must continue learning. Ronh As Jim said, ” Formal education will give a living, but self-education will make you a fortune . ”

Successful people, are continually reading, learning, taking courses, attending seminars and observing the world around them to learn more about it. If you want to be one of those successful people, you probably have to be a student all his life.

The biggest benefit is learning is that it is, in itself, a form of wealth , ie, you could lose all their worldly goods but never lose all your learning. Bernard Meltzer said: ” The real measure of your wealth is what it would if you suddenly lose all your money “. Or as the successful businessman, Paul Zane Pilzer says ” Prosperity belongs to those who learn new things faster . ”

What is more economical

Traditional education is generally expensive, if you want quality, but the self-training is more economical, since you can find lots of information in books with valuable knowledge. Inclusive FREE, within libraries.

However, nothing is as useful as a good book on a specific topic written by someone who has studied the issue extensively or have practical experience to offer. Besides buying used books or e-books on the Internet are relatively affordable compared with formal education. As such, only the Internet can be a source of infinite information on almost any subject.

His self-training
As in any learning process, it is important discipline, so you should plan your learning process. Should set aside time every day to read and study. The best time may be early in the morning which will be uninterrupted or at night before bed.

If you take your time 30 minutes a day can be read from 2-3 books a month or 30 per year. Imagine all you can learn in one year and knowledge advantage you have over your competitors. You become an expert in your area, just make sure you do it every day without stopping, as the key to learning is a small but steady effort.

Be sure to read books not only to create wealth, as a good entrepreneur who seeks the path to success, you must be comprehensive and training in creating or improving the skills that lead to success or even can study other languages ​​to expand your market.

Read constantly and study in depth are the first steps to success and keep the most critical steps.

Start with your self-education today, learn how others have been successful in business and in life and duplicate it. Visit the Resources section of the top menu.
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