you just started trying to get a business up and running online or has been trying for some time to earn a living from home. Then this information will be invaluable to you. It seems there are thousands if not millions of deals over there. All of which outrages figures show won a few people selected. The fact is that 97% of all online home business fail. So you might think why bother. If only 3% can succeed in marketing online how could reasonably expect to make your online home business succeed? But if you look at how many people do not succeed in online marketing you can see how easy it can be to make a lot of money in your home business online. Let’s look at the reasons businesses fail more online. The first and foremost reason is that when starting a business online that many people believe is an easy way to become a millionaire. Think they can earn money while sitting on the beach sipping cocktails. We all know that in the real world you need to work hard to make a success of any business. So why do we think is different marketing Internet ? Yes, I know almost every advertisement for a home business or internet marketing business online tells us that this is the way it works. But just think the announcement saying Red Bull gives you wings, right? Of course, we all know that’s just an ad. The next major reason for failure is the overwhelming amount of information to digest in order to get even your home business line started. And just when you think you are getting to the end of information overload his “godfather” sends another email with more products and information. You will see a lot of “sponsors” have no interest in you succeeding. They just want to keep selling more and more products. That’s what their huge profits. So the best way forward to make a success of your home business online is: Decide on a sponsor that will stay with you until the end . Make sure your sponsors product can be used to sell any product online not only its sponsors. Be prepared to work hard, at least initially. Buy a product that will take you by the hand, step by step to success, even if you are a newbie and have no experience in Internet marketing it. Be sure to have a support forum where you can connect with like minded people. Ignore all the other great offers in your inbox. (I know this can be difficult) Follow the instructions of your sponsor to the letter. Do not get distracted with other brilliant offerings. Good luck and let me know how it goes.