Very WILD Kamasutra Positions

Kamasutra has a lot of positions that can help you to make your sex life more exciting. If you want to do something wild and have a very intense moment with your partner you here we share some sexual positions in this book that will help. These allow faster movements, angles of penetration and much more pleasant contact with your partner. Inténtalas!

The surprise: She must stand before you and then tilt your body forward. You will place you behind her and take of the waist to maintain balance. Thepenetration will be very pleasurable for both, as it directly you will stimulate the clitoris and g point your penis will be pressed through the vagina.

The arc: She should lie on his back and legs spread. You, you will place kneeling in front of her and take of the hip, so the upload on your legs, but she lifted her head from the bed. This position allows deep and very pleasurable for both penetration.

The truck. She affixed to the edge of the bed, face down, leaving her legs on the floor. You will place you behind her and take her thighs for her to hold only the arms and is suspended. This position is very exciting for both, since movements can be very fast and there is little contact between the penis and vagina.

Do you know another wild sexual position?